6 Top Tips For Securing a Work Placement

Many universities and higher-education institutions today advise students to take a year out working in their chosen industry, and my University was no different. During my second year I applied for many different placement opportunities, and faced many hurdles along the way. I was lucky enough to secure a placement eventually and it has been one of the most beneficial years of my entire life, and so and I thought I would share my tips and tricks with you on how I secured this placement so you too can have success in your search!

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AFROPUNK 2017: London

I’ve always dreamed of attending Afropunk. I’ve looked lustfully over the pictures of black girls with their beautiful natural hair out, guys with flower crowns and flowing shirts displaying their black boy joy, and groups of friends joined together by their lack of outfit coordination. These scenes seem to embody the core of the ~carefree black people~ movement – being able to wear what you want, listen to what you want and act how you want without feeling the weight of societies stereotype on your shoulders. I wanted to experience this carefree extravaganza for myself!

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Travel Series: Bali, Indonesia

On 10th June 2017, I began my journey towards the furthest I had ever been from home – Indonesia. Having been on many holidays since my teens I realised that apart from Ghana, my home country, I had never been outside of Europe without parental guidance. Lucky for me the trip went smoothly, and I’m already planning many, many more trips away!

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